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Bronze nao excavated from known archaeological sites in Northern China, c.1200 – c.1050 B.C.

In this dataset 19 archaeological sites were collected and studied in this table. 14 points are located near Anyang (安陽) while the remaining 5 sites are scattered, and only 2 sites are not in Henan Province. Below are the locations of these 19 sites:

Site Location
1 Tomb no. M699, West Anyang, Henan 河南 安陽(西區) M699
2 Tomb no. M765, West Anyang, Henan 河南 安陽(西區) M765
3 Tomb no. M51, Dasikong Village, Anyang, Henan 河南 安陽大司空村 M51
4 Tomb no. M288, Dasikong Village, Anyang, Henan 河南 安陽大司空村 M288
5 Tomb no. M312, Dasikong Village, Anyang, Henan 河南 安陽大司空村 M312
6 Tomb no. M663, Dasikong Village, Anyang, Henan 河南 安陽大司空村 M663
7 Tomb no. M303, Dasikong Village, Anyang, Henan 河南 安陽大司空村 M303
8 Tomb no. M8, Gaolouzhuang, Anyang, Henan 河南 安陽高樓莊 M8
9 Tomb no. M160, Guojiazhuang, Anyang, Henan 河南 安陽郭家莊 M160
10 Tomb no. M26, Guojiazhuang, Anyang, Henan 河南 安陽郭家莊 M26
11 Tomb no. M54, Huayuanzhuang, Anyang, Henan 河南 安陽花園莊 M54 (“亞長”)
12 Tomb no. M269, Qijiazhuang, Anyang, Henan 河南 安陽戚家莊 M269
13 Tomb no. M5, Xiaotun, Anyang, Henan (Tomb of Fu Hao) 河南 安陽小屯 M5 (殷墟婦好墓)
14 Tomb no. M1083, Xibeigang, North of Houjiazhuang, Anyang, Henan 河南 安陽侯家莊北西北岡 M1083
15 Tomb no. M1, Taiqing Temple, Luyi, Henan 河南 鹿邑 太清宮 M1
16 Yin Tomb, Xiaonanzhang, Wen County, Henan 河南 溫縣 小南張 殷墓
17 Zhaojing, Huojia County, Xinxiang City, Henan 河南 新鄉市獲嘉縣趙鏡 (照鏡)
18 Tomb no. M13, Zhuyuangou, South Baoji City, Shaanxi 陝西 寶雞市南郊竹園溝 M13
19 Tomb no. M8, Sufoutun, Qingzhou, Shandong 山東 青州蘇埠屯 M8


The following files can be downloaded for use:

Please refer to Dataset User Guide on how to use the data.