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2021 Chinese Classic Text OCR Challenge

CUHK Library 2021 Chinese Classic Text OCR Challenge

Organizing Party: Research Support and Digital Initiatives, CUHK Library 



Chinese OCR is an important element for digital scholarship and it is the first step for research on Chinese Classics text analysis.  The Chinese University of Hong Kong Library now invites related scholars and institutions to join the first “2021 Chinese Classic Text OCR Challenge”.  From this online Challenge the Library hopes to compare the excellence of the automatic recognition of Chinese characters in classics. Researchers or the industry can also study and exchange in enhancing the technology on Chinese classic texts automatic recognition, which in return enhances and promotes discovery of Chinese materials in academia for research in different disciplines. 


Rules & Regulations


2021.2.8 (Mon)

Announcement of Challenge details and starts of registration 

2021.3.1 (Mon)

Deadline for registration 

2021.3.4 (Thu)

Online Briefing Session 

2021.3.15 - 26

Online Challenge (1 challenge/day for 10 days)  

2021.3.31 (Wed)

Final result announcement 

Mid-April, 2021

Online Prize Ceremony and Winner Presentation 


Eligibility and Registration 

We welcome teams or individuals from all over the world to join the Challenge. Please register at


Challenge Rules 

During the Challenge period, contestants will have to process the image files released every working day and organizer submit and process the image file (TIFF) through online user interface provided by contestants.  Daily results will be released with assigned team code. 


Assessment Criteria

Accuracy on recognized texts/text sequence and processing time of the output text file. 


Result Announcement & Prizes 

Daily results will be announced on Challenge platform.  Winner list will be announced on 31 March 2021 (Wed) and winners will be required to give a presentation in the online Prizing Ceremony in mid-April. 


Champion: HKD8,000 of e-voucher & e-badge for display 
1st Runner-up: HKD5,000 of e-voucher 
2nd Runner-up: HKD3,000 of e-voucher 


Intellectual Property

The organiser reserves the ownership of the original source file and contestants will only be authorized to use the files during the Challenge.  They are not allowed to use the original source files for other purposes without the authorisation of the organiser. The copyright of the text files submitted by the contestants belongs to the organiser. 

Participants must ensure that the technology or programs used in the competition file are original by the participants or legally authorized by the owner of the intellectual property rights.  If any third party raises allegations of infringement of intellectual property rights or the legal irregularities, the participants assume all legal responsibility.  



Read our FAQ page for any questions related to the Challenge.  

Please email to for enquiries of the Challenge.