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Poet's Origin Display

Of the 514 poets' information compiled in the Bibliography, the origin (籍貫) for 474 poets could be located.  We have used ArcGIS Online to visualise their distribution and the map is found below.

It is found that most of the poets were from Southern China, or even originated in Guangdong.



The Excel spreadsheet of data will be available later for reference or use.  Of course, with the data, users can have further analysis or visualisation on the distribution of the poets' origins.


Geographical Display and Visualisation

It is not difficult to show places of interest in an interactive map.  If there are only a few points to be shown, a Google Map (or similar provision) can do.  Simply search the places and give it a marking, and then a map can be created.  However, for a batch of locations to be displayed, a spreadsheet may be needed with the coordinates found for every location so that the spreadsheet can be imported to mapping or even GIS software (e.g. ArcGIS, QGIS, Google Maps).

But the use of mapping and/or GIS software does not limit to displaying the places of interest.  It can help further analyze the relationships between the places and, sometimes showing a temporal difference such as the movement of the poet in different time.


GIS Software Available in University Library

There are a few workstations in Digital Scholarship Lab on G/F of University Library having GIS software installed including ArcGIS Pro, QGIS and Google Earth Pro (tools) for spatial visualisation and analysis.  Welcome to make use of these software to facilitate your research.