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3D Visualisations of the Qin

The following visualisations are created with the images from the CT scanning of the qin and the sections at different axes and directions using OsiriX.  They demonstrate the qin's structure and density, as well as the text passage.  


Videos 3 and 4 show the transverse and coronal sections respectively.  The images of Video 3 are the original set from CT scanning.  Using different shading in OsiriX, the outlines (Videos 3a, 3b, 4a, and 4b) and the density (Videos 3c, 3d, 4c, and 4d) are presented.


Video 3a.  The outline transverse view (from head to tail).

Video 3b.  The outline transverse view (from tail to head).

Video 3c.  The transverse view with details (from head to tail).

Video 3d.  The transverse view with details (from tail ot head).

Video 3.  The transverse view (looking from the side of the head).


Video 4a.  The outline coronal view (from front to back).

Video 4b.  The outline coronal view (from back to front).

Video 4c.  The coronal view with details (from front to back).

Video 4d.  The coronal view with details (from back to front).

Video 4.  The coronal view (looking from the back of the qin).


Video 5 presents the sagittal section.  This demonstrates the thinkness of the wood and the positions of the coins and holes. 

Video 5a.  The sagittal view (starting from the side of the first string).

Video 5b.  The sagittal view (starting from the side of the seventh string).

Video 5.  The sagittal view.


The text passage on the bottom board could not be fully displayed in one single shot.  Video 6 shows a series of images which demonstrates the text being illuminated at different section levels.


Video 6.  The text passage on the bottom board.