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"(Re-)Mining" An Annotated Bibliography of the Classical Writings of Hong Kong Poets for Social Network Study

"(Re-)Mining" An Annotated Bibliography of the Classical Writings of Hong Kong Poets


"An Annotated Bibliography of  the Classical Writings of Hong Kong Poets" (The Bibliography) 《香港古典詩文集經眼錄》(經眼錄) was published in 2011 by CUHK Library.  Compiled by the Library's Research Associate, YW Chau, it has collected information of over 800 titles of poets written by 514 Hong Kong classical poets since 1840's to recent years.  "Hong Kong" poets refers to Chinese who fleed from China and stayed in Hong Kong or born in Hong Kong. 

This project is an experiment in "re-"mining and processing the content of The Bibliography.  We tried to explore in displaying the content with digital scholarship tools in 

The processed data may be opened to access for further research in the future.  If you are interested in exploring the data for further research or using the tools/software for your own research project, please feel free to email Kitty Siu, Digital Scholarship Librarian at


The Bibliography 經眼錄

The Bibliography contains tables of poet information and their published poetry works



Thanks to Ms. YW Chau's support in providing the book content and advice in displaying networks between poets.