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Author Frequency of The Chinese Student Weekly



The Chinese Student Weekly (henceforth The Weekly) is a magazine published in Hong Kong between 1952 and 1974, with a total of 1128 issues.  It started with one sheet of publication in 1950s and expanded to three to four sheets in the 1960s.  The space it provided for established as well as student authors nourished many important contemporary Hong Kong literature authors. 

With the authorization of Mr. Lam Yut Hang in 2003, the CUHK Library has digitised the whole collection of The Weekly (except some 1967 issues) and deposited them in the Hong Kong Literature Database.[1]  Among nearly 80 thousand pieces of articles, which author has published the largest number of works?  In each year, who published more frequently?   How was the trend of frequent authors across the twenty-two years of publications?  It is difficult to explore these questions using traditional research methods in humanities.  Therefore, we used a bar chart race and word clouds to visualise the author frequency of The Weekly.  Other than presenting some of the visualisations in this report, we also introduce the methods and the code in creating the dataset and the visualisations.

The visualisations and statistical results in this report are limited by our current techniques.  Should you have any suggestions and be interested in the dataset and the techniques, please feel free to contact Wendy H. Y. Wong at


[1] The CUHK Library has the following missing issues: 781, 783–787, 789–790, 795–796, 798–806.  We welcome donation or lending of these issues.  Should you have any enquiries, please contact Special Collections at (852) 3943-8740 or email at