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The CUHK Library would like to show its gratitude to the qin experts and the colleagues at The Chinese University of Hong Kong and Prince of Wales Hospital who assisted in the investigation of this qin:

Professor Chan Ka Leung Francis Professor Winnie C.W. Chu
Professor Fok Tai Fai Mr. Lee Wai Kin Tom
Mr. Kevin Lo Professor Shen Pei
Mr. Shum Hing Shun Mr. Sou Si Tai
Dr. Tse Chun Yan Professor James Watt
Mr. John Yiu Professor Yu Siu Wah


Some historical sketches of this qin were uncovered.  Due to the rich cultural background of Professor Pian, the qin she received could be of significance.  Professor Liang Lei, composition professor at University of California, San Diego, provided some information about the giving of the qin to Professor Pian and how he played the qin at Professor Pian’s house where he stayed for 10 years.  His descriptions matched with Professor Yu Siu Wah's recall of conversation with Professor Pian that the qin was brought to her at the Harvard University by a sinologist from China.  Any further information about the qin from friends, scholars, and musicians could benefit future research on the qin and support research on general qin history.  Should you have any comments or be interested in doing a research about this qin, please do not hesitate to contact Wendy H. Y. Wong at